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Unique Christian Gifts by Primm Funding

The purpose of Primm Funding is to fund the marketing and creation of a unique Christian gifts web site.

We believe there is a need for a Christian gifts web site that offers gifts that are modern, truly unique, creative, stimulating and helpful in a very user-friendly way. We are called to focus our Christian gifts web site on gifts that are hopeful, joyful and encouraging.

The Christian gifts Rock upon which we base our positive conclusions is in-depth research of the Word. For this web site's healing Christian gift we used the King James Version of the Christian Bible because only then can we make use of the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance for extremely accurate access to the ancient Greek and Hebrew manuscripts. We strive to avoid inaccuracies that are common in many translations.

The Christian gifts of health, joy, and prosperity are of great interest to us. Added to the wonderful gifts of salvation, forgiveness and eternal life are a whole world full of Christian gifts of God's grace. Because many Christians are not aware of the full scope of God's grace, our web site gifts will share how much healing power Christ gave us by His stripes, joy from separation from His Father, and prosperity from His poverty.

Christian gifts from God include so much that can be enjoyed and shared while still here on Earth. Our web site will provide documented proof that He gave us gift activation instructions by which we use the faith of Jesus Christ.

We felt our greatest calling was to share the great news about the Christian gift of healing. We call our CD recording project: God's Healing Instructions. It was very important to us to offer healing information in a user-friendly mode and saturate the presentation with over 100 verses of healing scripture. We felt that a CD with a soothing voice presenting verse after verse of extremely hopeful and encouraging Biblical healing information would make the perfect Christian gift of encouragement for a suffering Christian friend or relative. The really good news this web site offers is that healing is a much more accessible Christian gift than many Christians or we had come to believe. Our initial cynicism and unbelief about Christian Healing has been replaced with a hope and joy that had to be shared.

For the gift of salvation on our Christian gifts web site, we offer a unique Christian gift witnessing tool, the Free Ticket to Heaven.

We boiled down God's salvation and forgiveness instructions to a very brief and impactive message and put it in a fun format. Witnessing can be fun! So far almost no one has refused the offer of a Free Ticket to Heaven. Packets of these business card size Tickets also make great Christian gifts. A bulk purchase of these cards direct from this web site would make a great Christian gift to your church and possibly help to spread the word about your group.

Our Christian Bumper Sticker gifts are designed to stimulate thought and provide humorous and intriguing messages with unique viewpoints. This Christian gifts web site will continually update our inventory of stickers as new ideas are hatched.

Product Images

healing scriptures cd

Audio CD with over 100 easily accessed verses of healing scripture.


ministry tool

Great, FUN witnessing tool with condensed salvation instructions.


ministry tool

Unique Christian bumper-stickers with creative thought-provoking messages.