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Christian Tract? Or even better?………

"How would you like a free ticket to Heaven?"

So far, the vast majority of those who were asked that question smiled and responded affirmatively.

Ministry Tool Free Ticket to Heaven
Actual Size: Business Card

Ministry Tool Free Ticket to Heaven

Free Ticket Text

Easy Activation, Use these two steps:
Say from your heart: "Father, I believe Your Son, Jesus Christ,
died for me to wash me clean of all my sins, relieve me of my
greatest burdens and to give me eternal life with You,
my God who loves me. I accept Him now as my savior".
Say from your heart (Often): "Forgive me Father for all my sins.
I repent in the name of Jesus Christ".

These tickets were created for a few reasons:

  1. To quickly and efficiently reveal to those who have a lot of resistance to any form of Christian tract or witness, a simple introduction to salvation and forgiveness. (Creating curiosity, fun and simplicity as the vehicle for witness may be the only way to reach many).
  2. To create an opportunity to open a dialogue about Christianity using a lighthearted, somewhat humorous approach to lower defenses as opposed to a Christian tract that may be immediately discarded.
  3. To open up the possibility of recruitment of new members by applying your church's label to the back of the card which says something like: “For more information feel free to call ______________or come to our services @____________________.”

So far the response has been wonderful.

To be able to say to people (with a smile): “How would you like a free ticket to Heaven?” and have almost everyone say “Sure!” is almost too easy! If you or your fellow group members are not aggressive types, you can then just walk away or keep smiling and say nothing and simply wait for a response. This is truly “Fishing for men” with a great lighthearted icebreaker.

One never knows the impact that may result from such a user-friendly presentation of profound information.

Even if this knowledge is stored away in someone's memory or wallet and is readily available when the person finally comes to the point in life when they desperately need it, it is a seed well planted!

Tickets are business card stock and size and come either:

1. 40 tickets in a dual-pocket vinyl card holder (as seen above) @ $7.77 each + shipping and handling.


2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for
goods and services provided by Primm Funding.

2. Bulk: 100 Tickets @$12.00 + shipping and handling


2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for
goods and services provided by Primm Funding.